Beach Activities

Having access to a day at the beach is a special activity that not many people can easily enjoy. There’s something fun for all ages, an easy friend or family day, and there are so many things to do. We want to share with you some of our favorite ways to enjoy the lovely beaches around you.


Enjoy The Water

If you’re going to the beach, there’s a high chance you’re there to dip your toes in the water at the very least. But there are so many water-based activities. Surfing is such a popular activity at the San Diego beaches, but you can also try boogie boarding if you aren’t comfortable standing on a board, or full-on body surfing if you don’t have any equipment at the beach. You can also try skimboarding which is where you surf along the sand where the wave just crashed over. If the water is clear, snorkeling and scuba diving can be a blast to look at all the beautiful sea creatures.

Now if you aren’t a water person, no problem! There’s a whole list of things you can do on the sand as well.


Enjoy The Sand

If you opt out of going into the water, one of the most basic activities is the obvious sun tanning, absorb the sun and get the golden tan. You can also attempt to exercise your creative side by building sandcastles or building pools right into the sand so that the wave crashes into your new pool. You can also get active by playing soccer or tossing a ball or frisbee around. If you prefer to go on a run or bikeride along the beach, you can get active while enjoying the view of the ocean.  For those of you who prefer the cooler weather at the beach, come back to the beach to watch the sunset and stay for a fun barbecue and smores at a fire pit.

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