Summertime Kids’ Activities

When school is out and the hot San Diego summer sun is out, it can be hard to entertain kids. Luckily, there are plenty of great things to do for kids and their families. So whether you’re trying to squeeze in some work and keep your children busy or you have a family day planned, these are some perfect choices.


  • Plan a day at the beach — When you live in San Diego, you have many beaches to choose from.
  • Have a picnic at a park — Pack a delicious meal and let the kids run free.
  • Gather friends for a bonfire — Mission Beach has some great pits for your friends and family to gather around.
  • Fly kites outdoors — Even adults will have fun trying to control these kits in the air.
  • Get active outdoors — Head to a volleyball net, play soccer at a park, or toss a frisbee along the beach.
  • Get creative — Go out and buy some chalk and bubbles and let your kids have fun on the sidewalk

There are so many things to do to bring families together, you might just need to be a little creative, but most importantly, have fun, wear sunscreen, and enjoy the sun.

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